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Our Homework Policy

We believe that homework should be fun and motivational, not a chore! Whilst homework should complement the work covered in class, it should also extend students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for the past and encourage independent learning.


At times students need to use computers or access the Internet to co,ple projects. Students have access to computers during lunchtimes (in the library and in the computer centre) and, if a student requests it, we can provide access to the library computers on a Monday after 3.45. Students, parents and carers can gain access to information about current homework projects and ideas by following the links below

How will you be assessed?

In class work and home work you will receive a grade A (excellent), B (good), C (satisfactory) or D (unsatisfactory) for both the quality of your project (presentation and the depth of historical understanding shown) and the effort you have put into your project.