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Year 9

From September 2019 year 9 students will be set specific homework tasks for each term, aimed a building up key skills and routines that will help them in their future learning. There are four parts to the work, students will need to:
  • Learn key facts
  • Practice spellings
  • Undertake some exam practice
  • Carry out research
Each term the homework will have a focus, as follows:

Autumn term 1 - Your History 
Autumn term 2 - World War One Diary
Spring term 1 - WW2 and the Home Front
Spring term 2 - Cold war
Summer term 1 - Preparation for the practice exam
Summer term 2 - Civil Rights Movement

Please find the attached Year 9 Homework booklet below. It contains details of the work and the year 9 revision guide.

Mrs V Middleditch,
19 Jul 2019, 02:42